what kind of parent are you?

Last June, I sent a play off to summer camp with a kiss on the forehead, a  “go get ’em sport”, and a light push. I entrusted my little ten-minute child to Jess, a woman I had grown to love and trust, and New Leaf Theatre, which would be my artistic home if I had remained in Chicago, with this:


My apartment got too hot to pack…or maybe it was because I was
trying to finish my sake…or maybe packing just sucks BUTT.

But I took that as a mandate from the heavens to finish this draft of
the NL play: Vow. I don’t foresee me revisiting this before Friday, so
I thought I would send it now. It’s a two-character (no voice over)
rhythm piece suited for a staged reading: should be fun, probably
difficult, could be a disaster, probably won’t be. The end might need
tweaking. Or maybe the middle. Or the beginning. Nah: the beginning is
probably fine.



Love ya! Have fun! When we getting burgers and beer and cheerful?

The end did need tweaking, and after a burger, a beer, and a damn fine conversation with Jess (who may or may not realize she is a dramaturg), I tweaked it.

And then I left town. The piece had a three-performance run in June, and a two-performance run at the Abby Hoffman in August, with me having never even heard it.

I got the reports, but I was driving two cars and five cats across six states for thirty hours. The kid was on his own. Not on his own: the kid was with people I loved and trusted. And when they told me in voicemail messages or emails that it was going well, I knew it was going well.

I just didn’t know it was going THIS well: go to the link, scroll down to “Artist: Newleafsummerfest08.mp3”, listen to it all because the other two plays are stellar. My little play, Vow, all grown up, is minutes 14 through 27.


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