Following the bouncing ball

Yesterday I wrote a piece on euthanasia in America (more specifically, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act and California’s Compassionate Choices Act), today I am writing a shorter piece on hospice (an organization founded by Cicely Saunders in 1967 outside of London on the principle of treating the patient and not the disease), and tomorrow I will write about suicidal tendencies in widows (somehow incorporating the Indian tradition of Sati, or immolation by a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre).

Two things about this:

1) You never know where dramaturgical research is going to take you; plays go everywhere, so you have to go everywhere to understand plays. A.C.T.’s next mainstage show, The Quality of Life, deals with a man suffering from cancer who plans to take control of how he dies and his wife, who plans to follow him even though she is perfectly healthy. Thus the research topics discussed above. The play immediately following, the M.F.A.’s production of Good Breeding (which I have mentioned before), is an adaptation of the Oresteia: dramatrugy includes learning that Zeus and Hera had VERY few children together (because Zeus was too busy screwing everyone else) and working my way through the family tree of the House of Atreus.

2) If you are doing what you love at work, then what are you supposed to do on the weekends? Something you don’t enjoy as much?


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