The World Spins MAD.

The world spins MAD.
The PEOPLE are INTOXICATED by LUXURY they have FORGOTTEN everything that makes us more than HOUSE PETS.
The HUMAN SPIRIT is a shattered pane of GLASS–wrapped in soft VELVET and soaked in in sugary POISON.
EVIL has SEDUCED mankind. And MANKIND has shown all the CHASTITY of a three-dollar WHORE.
Yet I will not YIELD. I will not BEND.
I will not ACCEPT the corrupt new WAY of things.
Nor will I be MARTYRED.
I will gather EVIDENCE–DOCUMENT every foul LIE. I will FORGE my MANIFESTO. My CHALLENGE to any FREEMIND that may find it.
Like a NOTE in a BOTTLE. Cast into the OCEAN.
It will be TYPED.
They’re all TIED IN now, connected to the POWERS to the TYRANTS.
Once your THOUGHTS are committed to DISK, the tyrants have them.
The Abyss stares back.
The mind of man must be RECLAIMED–if not by THIS generation or by the NEXT then SOME day. Some DECADE.
It is not in MY power to EFFECT the change. I haven’t the MIGHT.
I am not the ANSWER.
I am only the QUESTION.

–The Question, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again


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