Playwriting Challenge #1: Amadeus Amadeus

Use the following blurb as the jumping off point for a play:

A previously unknown score by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has turned up in a library in Nantes, France. The signed but incomplete piece, consisting of several bars of melody, is thought to be a draft of some church music that Mozart wrote around 1787. Though cataloged in the 1800s, it was forgotten for more than a century.

Points of interest: lost history. church music. cataloging information. new discoveries. role of libraries. role of classical music in society.


1) This cannot be a history piece. The main story must be set between 1980 and the present (or near future). Flashbacks are your call.

2) Mozart can be a character, but only as a somewhat presumptuous spectre who takes over the body of another character.

3) No character but Mozart (if you choose to include him under terms set out in rule number 2) can be a professional musician.


BONUS: somewhat random but not entirely unrelated inspiration


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