Warning: this entry may be a fever dream.

There are ten third-year MFA students rolling around in an orgy of pretense three miles to my east: it is the opening of Robert O’Hara’s Good Breeding, and the orgy I speak of is no metaphor. They are literally performing an orgy on stage. And I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Except I’m missing it.

I have been told I do not get sick with grace. I have been fortunate in that I do not get sick often, but because of this, when I do get sick I do not have the necessary experience to handle it well. Of course by writing this, I am jinxing myself for the season and will probably contract something unpronounceable tomorrow (I am frantically knocking on wood as I type this entry with one hand) that will force me horizontal till President’s Day.

At 3pm on Thursday, I joked that I had gotten a sore throat from all the chocolate I had eaten that day. Some kindly donors had donated a box at some fundraiser the night before, and against my wishes (because I have a registered problem with chocolate) it was living on my desk. But it was not the chocolate, for by 7pm I was canceling my evening plans: seeing the Plastic People of the Universe play at Slims, for free, I might add.

We are wrapping up our run of Rock ‘n’ Roll. In my mind, the show is over: I moved on to other projects weeks ago. The only things dragging me back have been quesitons from the Huntington in Boston, where R’n’R will be traveling next, about their program. Yet, weeks ago we learned that PPU was coming to town: a shocking coincidence considering the band has a huge importance to the play (not to mention Czechoslovakian history). It was to be my opportunity to experience live dramaturgy!

But I am getting wiser. I am slowing down. I didn’t go to Slims, and I went to work yesterday only long enough to grab the reading I could do at home anyway. I am staying in this evening. No point in spreading germs to a bunch of modernized Greek deities and the reconceived Atreus family; I cannot imagine participating in a fake orgy with a runny nose. That would just be indecent.


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