To those about to catalog, we salute you!

A.C.T. has a library. Not like the Goodman has a library, which is a room with shelves with books that were, when I left, in the order I organized them in after arriving and deciding that the current system of cataloging–sort of a 52 Card Pick up of books–was not going to cut it. A.C.T. has a legitimate library. With librarians. With an antiquated non-computerized catalog that I literally haven’t seen since elementary school.

And it’s amazing.

It makes sense, of course, that we have a library as we are a school, but, even so, a whole institution devoted to the acquisition and dispersal of theater-related books makes me just a wee bit giddy.

This is especially true after last week when I met the head librarian. The conversation went something like this:

Hey Joe, I’m Dan.
Hi Dan.
I work here.
No you don’t.
Well not here in the library. In the theater.
Good for you.
So I need this book on John Guare.
And the we don’t have it, and the SF Public Library doesn’t have it, and Mechanics doesn’t have it. But Berkeley has it. And it is one of the few critical books on John Guare, so I was wondering if/
I can get it.
Oh. What?
I’ll order it for us. And in the mean time I’ll get it from the university system while we wait for it.
Oh, okay . . .
Is that all?
Can I hug you?

Librarians rule. If dramaturgs are the Batmans, librarians are the Alfred Pennyworths, the Lucius Foxes, and the Dr. Leslie Thompkins.


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