Hey Nancy Pfotenhauer: what he said

Dramaturg this, bitch. . .

St. Louis County.


Kerry 54.4% 295,284
Bush 45.1% 244,969
Other 0.5% 2,730


Gore 51.5% 250,631
Bush 46.1% 224,689
Nader 1.7% 8,474


Clinton 48.8% 225,524
Dole 42.4% 196,096
Perot 7.5% 34,850


Clinton 44.1% 235,760
Bush 35.2% 188,285
Perot 20.4% 109,099

We’re not St. Charles.

Oh and: Barack Obama’s rally in St. Louis today drew a record crowd with the local police estimating 100,000 people in attendance.

Obama spoke on a small stage underneath the Gateway Arch at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in the middle of a sea of supporters who waved signs and cheered through out the 35-minute speech.

Real enough for you?


One thought on “Hey Nancy Pfotenhauer: what he said

  1. Thought you might be interested to know that not only was Obama estimated to draw over 100,000 people under the arch, but after that McCain only drew 3,000 in his rally in St. Charles. To add insult to injury, apparently Bill Clinton had a rally on Monday (Oct 20) in Kirkwood and he drew over 6,000– 2,500 inside the gym where he was speaking and 3,500 listening outside of the gym! Clinton drew more people listening to him outside the gym than McCain drew total!

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