If your life is a performance, who would be your dramaturg?

I’ve never done much with performance studies. Neither my theater minor nor my drama masters focused on it in any depth, and what knowledge I do have was mostly acquired through women’s studies and psych courses. But I like its basic premise (as I understand it): everything is performance. So when two kids push over our marketing intern on Market and steal her cell phone in broad daylight, that’s a performance. The actions (or mostly inactions) of the tourists around her constitute another performance. And her account of the events that transpired to the marketing staff on the other side of our floor, yet another. Does my immediate fantasy of throwing on my superhero uniform, jumping on my bike, and racing around in search for the thugs constitute as the final performance if I am my only audience? Or maybe the act of posting the story here is the final show.

I think using concepts such as character and audience to understand our lives makes a lot of sense. At the same time, if everything is performance, what the hell do we need theaters for? Or, more to the point, what the hell am I doing in theater? Why didn’t I go to med school? Not to be a doctor or anything but…

…if anyone ever needed a dramaturg, these guys do!

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