My dear bellwether…

I will stop talking about my beloved Missouri, geographical heart of the country. I promise. I’ll give you this, and then, when something official comes out, I will probably say something (either a celebration or a string of profanity depending on the results).

Missouri loses its bragging rights by bucking its own trend

Nov 06, 2008 (The Kansas City Star – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — TWX | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating — Ask not how the bellwether Missouri totaled its votes.

The state has blown — oh, so narrowly — its much vaunted presidential picking reputation.

Unofficial results Wednesday showed John McCain with a 5,868-vote margin in the state — a lead that could narrow as final results are tallied and some 7,000 provisional ballots are examined.

Few observers, though, think the outcome will change. Expect Missouri’s 11 electoral votes go to the Republican amid a national landslide for Barack Obama.

But new history has been written.

Missouri 2008 could have been Florida 2000

George Harris, Kansas City Star Reader Advisory Panelist

John McCain narrowly won Missouri by 6,000 votes.

But ten polling stations in mid-town Kansas City got the wrong voter registration lists and didn’t get the problem corrected for at least an hour.

So early voters in a heavily Democratic city were told they needed to wait or come back to vote.

How many votes did this cost Obama? Hard to tell, but imagine the story if Missouri’s electoral votes had been needed to decide the contest.


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