in ten minutes
a man will bring a child here
and i will fall in love with him.
ten years ago I fell in love with the man
who will bring the baby in ten minutes
whom i will love in ten minutes for thirty years
in the way i once loved the man
but he has gotten older.
i do not love old things.
but the baby
before he becomes a man
will be a boy who will love me.

in ten minutes, thirty years.
when i see him,
i will love him for twenty
he will love me for four
then forget me for ten.
in his final moment
a man will bring a man here
when he needs me again,
when his Beauty has fled
and he’s been poisoned by life.
only i hold the remedy.
but i will refuse him.
thirty years from next tuesday
beneath a tree i planted
a thousand years ago
he will die.
and with him
save my memory
of a boy at sixteen


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