Am I Considering the Dark Side?

A colleague of mine approached me with a film idea yesterday. It’s a good idea. As soon as he said it, I saw the whole thing unfold in front of me, which has never happened before when thinking of film (which I rarely, if ever, do). My colleague is the kind of person who can actually make things happen. A very smart go-getter, as it were. It would be a good partnership, I think.  The very idea of a partnership is enticing: someone other than myself whom I would have to answer to when I’m not writing (which is the majority of the time). My friend recently go fired from her temp job and is writing full time again, which is probably the best thing that can happen to a talented writer who has a propensity for procrastination.

I would be lying if I said I went right home and started writing. I went home and watched Kings on Hulu (it is such a shame that show got canceled!). But I did jot some notes down on the BART, and today at the used bookstore I bought a book called The Screenwriting Formula for a few bucks (Okay, it was $7.98. Dammit. An investment has been made!). I’ve read a few screenplays, all of which the writers intended to adapt into plays, and I had a decent conversation with Jane Anderson about playwriting versus screenwriting when I interviewed her last October. But, really, I could use some help on the finer points of formatting. Thus my purchase.

There are definitely some incentives to screenwriting that playwriting cannot boast. The most obvious is money, but when sitting on the train last night I got excited thinking about the possibilities that present themselves when you free yourself from the bonds of the stage. And then there is the reach film has. Today John Hughes died. When Rachel told me that  I was like, “Who?” because I have some sort of protein deficiency when it comes to remembering names. All she had to say was “The Breakfast Club.”

It doesn’t hurt that I have seen two really good movies in the not too distant past: 500 Days of Summer and Away We Go.

Of course, I have no intention of leaving the theater any time soon. I also left the bookstore with Gertrude Stein’s Last Operas and Plays. Although, that I only payed $4.98 for.


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