The 2009-2010 season begins!

In my mind, our 2009-2010 season started yesterday. Arguably, it started weeks ago when I began coordinating with Kneehigh Theatre across a country, an ocean, and eight time zones to collect artist bios and set up interviews with director/adapter Emma Rice and scenic/costume designer Neil Murray. Conversely, it could be said that the season will not start until Brief Encounter starts previews on September 11. But it started yesterday. I just returned from a week-long stint (I hesitate to call it a vacation) in St. Louis with Rachel visiting family, friends, mentors, and pets and attempting to get a start on what promises to be a fun, exciting, arduous process of planning our wedding. We are waiting until next July (yes, yes: a summer wedding in St. Louis. We are just that crazy), but considering the pace of the next nine months, that seems pretty soon. Rachel starts her second of a two-year MFA program on Monday. She’s “writing” a thesis (or whatever graphic designers do to a thesis). She’s TAing. She has workstudy. She has three freelance gigs going. Basically, I’m going to plan the wedding. I’ll check in with her at intervals and high holidays.

I returned from STL to a brand spanking new office: the publications department was moved down a floor while I was gone, away from our dear friends in finance and marketing, to be closer to the artistic director and, generally, to be more in the thick of the action. Publications at A.C.T. is housed in the artistic department (well, technically, it is its own department but . . .), which undeniably proves to be problematic at times when marketing understandably desires more control over our voice, but ultimately this designation promotes richer (and I would argue more intellectually provoking) publications largely devoid of marketing lingo and intentions. For reasons that should be obvious, I’m a huge fan of being recognized as an important element of the institution’s artistic product and am very thankful for the invitation downstairs! Yesterday was  like starting a new job with new pressures and a new rhythm. Very exciting.

And our new class of interns is beginning. Our artistic intern has already arrived. Coincidentally, she went to college at Webster U. in STL and is one of like 300 people who saw the production of Demons (and Other Blunt Objects). Her professors were on the Kline committee, which gave the play the award! Crazy. Our pubs intern begins tomorrow. I’m excited, but also nervous. Now that I’ve been there a year and have a handle on how things go down, there is no excuse for not providing our interns with an experience that balances the sacrifices and commitment they have made to be with us this season. I have a bunch of ideas leftover from the Goodman, which puts more thought into their internship program as a whole (arguably because they do not have a whole conservatory to focus on), but since I am no longer an intern coordinator I’ll have to execute my schemes with a degree of subtly. Just how the Dark Knight would like it.


2 thoughts on “The 2009-2010 season begins!

  1. can we talk all about planning your wedding? i’m addicted to all things wedding. are you going to be a groomzilla? oh no, or the bear?!

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