busyness unusual

IMG_3879This week was crazy busy at work. Training the new intern. Getting the Brief Encounter program off before deadline. Organizing my new desk and all of our archives and books. Meeting with marketing about the A.C.T. blog (which our last intern founded!) and the role the new interns will play with running it. And general settling in to the somewhat unsettling sixth floor. I never knew I had such loud (what is a more polite word for loud? Boisterous? Booming) colleagues or that sound could travel around corners and through walls with such ease! Impressive.

We were warned against moving downstairs by some because of the greater emotional/psychological tax of being in the middle of things. After just a week, I have no doubt these sages were right: it will be more taxing. Any location would be more taxing than our window-lined corner of the 7th floor, hidden next to the wonderful and delightfully quiet finance department. But all in all, is still feels like the right decision! Ask me again in a month.

IMG_3881Yes. I stole a binder from work. Don’t tell, Linus.

While I love busy weeks and cramming every minute at work with tasks, it does mean I get home late and without much energy for the other big project: the wedding. I joined the Project Wedding website a couple months ago and have been getting daily tips that convince me that I am the only male who has ever signed up. More upsetting, however, is the day-ticker they attach to each email. Today is apparently “309 days until the big day,” and I should, apparently, be thinking about “the world’s most bizarre wedding cakes.” I knock it, but it does have helpful stuff. Yesterday’s email was all about the pros and cons of a DIY wedding:

DIY Wedding Reception Food

Pros: A bride [sexist bastards!] planning an intimate gathering of family and friends will benefit the most from DIY wedding food. Preparing hors d’oeuvres, the main course, sides, and dessert for a small number of people usually winds up much cheaper than hiring catering services. Lucky brides [it’s f-ing 2009 you twits!] don’t even have to lift a finger in some cases when family members offer to handle this task.

Cons: Will you honestly be able to feed a guest list consisting of 200 people? Catering your own event may also mean enlisting the help of relatives or succumbing to a potluck dinner affair. While some couples can entertain guests with an outdoor BBQ, are you prepared to keep in line with your wedding theme if you provide DIY wedding food?

Lots to consider!


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