Idea of the day: all classic dramas were intended to be fusion pieces. . .

Artistic retreat. Wow. EXHAUSTION. But the good kind of exhaustion. The mental equivalent to what you would feel if you had been building a stone wall all day: a feeling of a well-used instrument. A knowledge that you are going to be sore tomorrow. I got a headache about 15 minutes in, so hopefully being sore today relieves me from being sore tomorrow. That’s how it works. Right?

Out of our 8 hours of shop talk, many good things came, not the least of which is the idea presented above. A.C.T. has been experimenting in more fusion work as of late, and with Kneehigh Theatre arriving with Brief Encounter next week (Their set already arrived: by boat! The whole magical set is stored in a crate in the port of Oakland!) it is on our minds! Of course, we reaffirmed our commitment to “classical” work (and by classical I am pretty sure everyone throwing around the word meant “canonical”), and, to many, these two concepts seemed divergent. But they aren’t, as Kneehigh Theatre–and Redmoon in Chicago for that matter–are successfully showing! And I think the key is, as Emma Rice told me in her interview, it is all about THE STORY.

I may have mentioned this before, but ever since I wrote my senior thesis of the evolution of Sir Gawain as a fictional character of Arthurian romance, focusing specifically on his appearance in the amazingly rich and perplexing poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I have wanted to write a play adaptation of the poem. I never figured it out. I still come back to it a few times every year. I wonder if it needs to be something much less “traditional” than what I have been thinking. Maybe the best way to capture the complexity of the original text is not with text . . .

(These two–though lovely!–are not part of the US tour…and I don’t believe they were a part of the UK tour either, but don’t hold me to that.)

And another example of Kneehigh’s work! Don John!


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