New addition to the extended feline tribe . . .

Hey, Linus and Mabel! You got a new cousin!


I am happy to introduce you to my kid sister Beth’s new kitten, Miss Admiral Calypso. How excited are you?!

IMG_4166You jerks.

Who knows if it will stick, but I love the name. It’s progressive (since Alene B. Duerk became a rear admiral in the Navy Nurse Corps in 1972, only a slow trickle of women have moved their way up the ranks . . . though knowing a little about Beth’s partner, Will, I have a suspicion it is more a reference to Star Wars than the U.S. military) AND ironic (Calypso was not only a sea nymph—and we all know how much cats ordinarily love water—according to popular mythology, she was also a bit of a . . . lustful, we’ll go with lustful . . . and young Addie Callie [Addy-Cal?] has been properly neutered).

Regardless: good job! There is no greater birthday gift than seeing loved ones happy. Truly.

Quote of the day:

“What will we say when our kids come to us
and ask with a smile on their face,
‘Hey dad, my friends got some new ninja swords:
is it cool if we smash up this place?'”

—”Everybody Get Dangerous” Weezer


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