Quick January Update

I’m inhaling dinner before running to the Berkeley Rep rehearsal room for Playwright Foundation’s IN THE ROUGH presentation of Peter Nachtrieb’s Bob. Should be fun. I like Peter and his work.

Last night we had our first of the FIRST LOOK presentations: a reading of Eisa Davis’s The History of Light with Eisa reading the lead. It was fun. I like Eisa and her work.

Thursday I’m interviewing members of our acting company for an article I have to crank out for the “news” pages of our program (have we talked about this?)

Friday is the first preview of Phèdre.

Saturday is a FIRST LOOK presentation of Philip Kan Gotanda’s I Dream of Chang and Eng, which we are already overbooked for. Which is a problem since I am “Audience Coordinator” and will have to tell a good many important people they won’t get a seat. Love it!

And I think I am going to have to work Sunday and through the Monday holiday if we have any hope of hitting anywhere near our deadlines on Tuesday.

And then Monday night is Playground. For this month’s entry, Late Sunday night I cranked out a 6-page musical about a married couple who got superpowers from a meteor and are nostalgic for the simple life and love they shared before they could stop armies without breaking a sweat. Yep.

I want to blog more consistently this year.

I want to write more plays more consistently this year.

I had a brief conversation about discipline yesterday.

I wonder if I should start a twitter account.

I wonder if I could start a movement called THE DECADE OF THEATER (this has been in my head ever since I called this last decade “The Decade of Rachel”). What would a decade of theater look like?

I wonder if I should start a twitter account about The Decade of Theater.

I have been reading about Bill Ball, the founder of A.C.T. That dude had some great ideas, and he acted on them, and he got other people to believe in/follow him.

If the Prop 8 ruling does not go the right (read: good, moral, logical, practical, ethical, humane) way, I’m going to start a protest campaign in which people write “My Heart is Breaking” and “My Brain is Screaming” in chalk EVERYWHERE and take pictures, which they then upload on facebook.

If I ever want to be an artistic director, do I need to start directing? Are their playwright/dramaturg artistic directors? There should be.

I finished my David Edding’s series. It was amazing. Sometimes all you want is everything to tie together neatly in the end with about a bazillion bows on it. I am going to start reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries next. I refuse to start with anything but “A Study in Scarlet” though. Yes, I saw the movie. Yes, I enjoyed the movie. Don’t judge me.

I’m late.


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