Huckleberry Hostel Commission: Day 24 (on the walk home from the gym)

(And Booth whispers in my ear all the while, “Watch me close watch me close now: who-see-thuh-red-card-who-see-thuh-red card? I-see-thuh-red-card. Thuh-red-card-is-thuh-winner. Pick-thuh-red-card-you-puck-uh-winner. Pick-uh-black-card-you-pick-uh-loser. Theres=thuh-lose, yeah, theres-thuh-black-card, theres-thuh-other-loser-and-theres-thuh-red-card,-thuh-winner. (Rest). Watch me close watch me close now.“*)

We got Huck Finn in the one hand
Tom Sawyer’s girl Becky Thatcher in thuh other.
They’re totally in love now but probably pretty dumb about it
And they gots lots of history.

We got thuh Widow Douglas in the third hand
And her sister Miss Watson, “a tolerable old maid,” in the next
They both be pining after Jim.

Widow Douglas is Huck Finn’s ward
And Jim is Huck Finn’s friend
And the hostel is The States
And they are The Leadership
But The States is hard to run
And like everyone else
Is the crazy country
They want to run:
Becky with Huck
Huck maybe with Becky (but maybe with his Jim)
Jim with Widow Douglas
Or Jim with Miss Watson
(depending which one he picks
JIM: Huck, I think I’m leaving with your aunt.
HUCK: Alright. Which one?
JIM: (Beat) I haven’t decided yet)
And they’re going to leave Huckleberry Hostel
And all their guests
All the citizens of this crazy country
To fend for ourselves
Whilst they all jump the next riverboat

After a moment Lincoln picks up the cards. He moves them around fast, faster, faster.*

*Topdog / Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks


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