Huckleberry Hostel Commission: Day 39

Why must this play take play in a hostel? Why not a hotel? Why not a homeless shelter? Why not a family cabin? Why can it happen only in a hostel and, specifically, this hostel? What is a hostel? What does it take to operate a hostel? What permits do you need? Who are the people who stay at hostels rather than hotels? Who are the people who run hostels? I wrote an email to the owner of Huckleberry Hostel asking for stories, but I haven’t heard back, so I read the three reviews online and I found some minimal description on some random page. I am finding descriptors like basic, old-timey, and friendly.  “Characterful,” one review writes. A search of “hostel stories” brought me to a couple of forums with some highlights, but I’m not sure how helpful they’ll prove. Unsurprisingly, the most viewed forum is titled “Sex in Hostels” which links to a blogpost dedicated to the subject. No. There will not be sex in my play.


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