Huckleberry Hostel Commission: Day 40

I don’t remember writing being this exhausting. Is it because there are all these variables in my head? (Is there such a thing as too many rules!) Is it because when a character leaves the dorm room, I know they’re entering the multipurpose room and my brain is working on what they are saying in that room while I’m still concentrating on figuring out what the present characters are saying in this room? Or am I just running on empty after a really draining couple months. Or am I coming down with something? Regardless, I feel like I’ve been writing for days and I have eight pages to show for it. That’s the problem of writing in the notebook: you don’t really know how much you have until you type it out, which I did just now because I was too tired to write anything new. Granted: 8 pages out of what will probably end up being somewhere between 40 and 50 pages (two 25-minute one-acts) isn’t too shabby. It’s a considerable percentage. And these 8 are a solid foundation, I think.

I seem to remember having a similar problem when I first started writing plays: what was exciting about them was figuring out what they were going to be and where they were going to go. Once I figured out the end, I kind of lost interest. There were a number of plays I talked about with people, and in so talking about them I killed the excitement of writing them. So I never wrote them. Starting Huckleberry Hostel with a detailed outline of where characters are going to be has taken some of the mystery out of writing, but I think (I hope) I left enough to be uncovered during the writing process so that I don’t get bored with it and end up just painting-by-numbers. Moral of the story: writing is ultimately manual labor.

Those 8 pages amount to the first draft of the first 4 we’ll-call-them-scenes of “Dorm Room,” which brings us pretty much to the half way point (maybe). I’m considering leaving “Dorm Room” to play with the first 4 let’s-still-call-them-scenes of “Multipurpose Room” (these will have cleverer names eventually) and see how they sync up. But another part of me wants to finish “Dorm Room.” I think, at this rate, I’ll sleep on it.


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