On the (New Play) Map

I’m not sure what’s going to keep the New Play Map from becoming completely overloaded with users, but maybe there are less playwrights out there than I think. Regardless, it’s a pretty interesting idea.

What could happen if the new works sector of the U.S. theater collaboratively created a Map of itself, harnessed and shared its infrastructural knowledge about itself, and then came together to design powerful information tools that all belonged to the commons?

The New Play Map is a pilot project of the American Voices New Play Institute at Arena Stage on behalf of and in collaboration with the field that seeks to develop opportunities that internet and communication tools have for enabling collaborative, culturally transformative, and globally-scaled information resource and knowledge sharing—within and beyond the new play, new works sector.

Arena Stage

I know when I was moving from Chicago to the Bay Area, I would have loved this resource. Instead, I had to accost a gentleman who worked at Playwrights Foundation when we were both down in San Diego for the 2008 LMDA conference and begged him to tell me everything about Bay Area theater. That method works pretty well too . . .

Questions/thoughts from Slings and Arrows, Season 1, Episode 2:

  • At the heart of every important theatrical moment is the simple act of telling a story truthfully.
  • “The theater is an empty box and it is our task to fill it with fury and ecstasy, and with revolution.”
  • The most interesting moments in theater—at least for the theater practitioners in the audience—are when things go wrong.
  • What is the relationship between nonprofit theater work and commercial work for actors? Does this relationship help or hurt the theater? The artist?
  • How much power does the board have in determining the fate of a theater?
  • Does it matter if you’re crazy if you work in theater? Does being crazy help or hurt your chances of success?

3 thoughts on “On the (New Play) Map

  1. I’m very curious to see how it develops. As an early adopter, I might reap the advantages before the system becomes completely overwhelmed. That said, I’ve already found a few theatres that might be good matches for my work that were previously unknown to me.

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